1300 numbers for business

Extend your marketing efforts outside of your normal area

1300 numbers give your business a national presence while allowing your customers to contact you for the cost of a local call, from any landline phone in Australia. For many businesses, the main reason for acquiring a 1300 number is the potential to increase advertising campaign response rates and the size of their trading catchment area, but it’s also a great way you can demonstrate your commitment to giving customers a fair go.


Professional service

A 1300 number personalised with your business name presents a professional image to new and prospective customers. It can help to create the impression that your business is larger than it is and present a more significant, corporate image.


Wider market reach

If your business operates in a well-defined, local market then a local number is usually sufficient for your business needs. However, if you want to extend your marketing efforts outside of your normal area, a 1300 number is a great tool to use as it’s much simpler for customers to remember and easier for them to reach you.


Portable and scalable

Not only are 1300 numbers really easy to set up in your business, they also provide you with great control and allow you to make changes quickly. If you relocate, just send us an email and we’ll change the answer point connected to your service in a flash. Or if you’d like calls diverted to a different number after hours for example, we can set you up for that as well. And if your business grows and the volume of calls increases, we can switch you over to a new plan at no charge, to keep costs to a minimum.


Advanced reporting capabilities

1300 numbers for business can be set up to provide tracking and measurement capabilities. Just tell us what you’d like to monitor and we’ll add this onto your service. Then you can use our easy online portal to manage your 1300 number(s) and make changes in real time.


If you think your business can benefit from a personalised 1300 number, feel free to get in touch with us today. Contact Us. We’ll talk through your requirements and develop a customised proposal free of charge.


Why choose a 1300 number?

  • Easy to set up and move locations
  • Portrays professionalism
  • Enable better connections with customers
  • Scales to match business needs
  • Powerful VoIP features can be added to your service
  • All this from just $x per month
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