Supercharge your communications business Ethernet for Small Business

The fabric of next-generation data centres.

Ethernet started as a family of networking standards that enables computers to connect to each other locally – and it is still the backbone to many office networks today. Now its use has extended to include data service provision for business, and it’s become the fabric of next-generation data centres.

Ethernet has continually progressed in speed, security and quality to meet the needs of networks as they evolve. As a result, Ethernet has stood its ground as the wired solution of choice. Its use is ever expanding, offering even more connectivity capabilities for the future and it remains unarguably the world’s most widely-used connectivity technology.

A platform for efficient business

For small business, Ethernet is opening up new possibilities for communications. With reliable, cost efficient connectivity, it is the perfect platform for voice, data and video convergence. We can provide your business with a tailored Ethernet solution with faster upload and download speeds, lower latency and better reliability than ADSL and can be delivered via copper, fibre or wireless networks. That’s why Ethernet is the preferred service for our customers using cloud-based services.

Consistent collaboration

We offer extensive Ethernet coverage across Australia that boasts up to 10 Mbps symmetrical speed. It’s a cost-effective and flexible solution that promises a consistent experience across a wide range of business types including finance, healthcare, education, government, IT, media, retail, real estate and legal firms.

Popular business applications used over Ethernet include:

Internet access, site-to-site access, server consolidation, business continuity and disaster recovery
Enterprise-class cloud-based applications, distributed imaging and distributed storage area networks
VoIP, interactive video, L2-VPNs and virtualisation

Ethernet is used by:

Retail stores using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for inventory management systems
Small to medium businesses that need corporate internet, cloud, collaboration, video or VoIP solutions
Businesses looking for international VPNs with International Private Line connectivity
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