Fixed wireless broadband for small business

Fixed wireless broadband and fixed point wireless networking

We can provide a range of fixed wireless broadband networking services including wireless access throughout your office areas, outdoor wireless access, hotspots, building-to-building communications and long range communications.


Protect business continuity

Our fixed point wireless networking solutions, with point-to-point and point-to-multi-point deployments, have a range of applications for small to medium businesses including:


  • Better backups: Even if your business has copper or fibre connectivity for its main fixed wireless broadband service, a wireless connection can provide an exceptional backup that isn’t dependent on fixed lines. This is important if you’re installing VoIP phone systems and cloud computing, or you’re unable to run your business without internet connectivity
  • Short-haul wide area networks: Point-to-point wireless radios let businesses to connect offices up to several kilometres apart at gigabit speeds
  • Short-distance internet network extensions: Multiple offices a few kilometres away from the fibre backbone sometimes need a better broadband connection, but laying fibre cable to connect them is not an option. With short-haul, high capacity wireless systems it may be possible to solve this problem much more cost effectively


Highly efficient technologies

We use a number of different technologies utilising standards based 802.11 bands, 900mhz, and licensed equipment when needed.


802.11 equipment meets most of the needs for short range and long range wireless communications in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint scenarios. Line of sight is mostly needed for any frequencies in this band, and these frequencies are license free. Significant range and performance can even be achieved for outdoor point-to-point links in the right conditions.


For lower bandwidth requirements we suggest 900mhz equipment. 900mhz provides very robust communications at distances of up to 30km at around 2Mbps with good line of sight. Distances of up to 10km are still achievable through foliage and other minor obstacles.


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Why choose a fixed wireless broadband service?

  • Easily connect multiple offices and users
  • Exceptional backup services
  • Faster speeds
  • 24/7 support
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