Wireless network solutions for small business

Wireless networks connect everyone, everywhere

If you’re opening a number of branch offices, or you have workers on the move who need access to centrally provided data and applications, Wide Area Network (WAN) services are increasingly useful.


As the demand for wireless networks grows, so does the importance of reliable WAN connections to keep your business connected and productive.


Easy to install

Implementing wireless networks once required a lot of resources, but thanks to cloud-based services WAN has become cheaper and simpler to implement for a typical small business.



For non-techies, it’s easy to get confused between LAN and WAN. LAN means Local Area Network, often found in schools, homes and offices. This allows the computers and connected devices in that location to be networked and share information. A WAN is much bigger, allowing devices in more distant locations to be networked according to your connectivity requirements so all your staff can share business information from almost anywhere.


Best in class partners

We have excellent relationships with the major communications providers of WAN services. We only deal with business-grade services that have uptime guarantees, as we understand the importance of a reliable data network regardless of whether your staff are in the office, on the road or working from remote sites.


Why choose Oxygen Networks for your WAN services?


  • Simplicity: WAN is a simple, cost-efficient way for your staff to communicate, collaborate and access your business applications from multiple locations
  • Continuity: Allows business operations and customer service to be maintained thanks to guaranteed uptime rates
  • Productivity: When away from the office your staff can resolve issues on the spot, respond faster to requests and input information directly to save time


WAN provides the wireless network connectivity your business needs to meet today’s customer service expectations and provide true mobility for your team. Contact us for more information.

Why choose a wireless network service?

  • Support mobile staff
  • Boost productivity
  • Guaranteed uptime rates
  • 24/7 support
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